Why Pryde?

At PRYDE, we believe that a jersey conveys more than just a number on your back.

As athletes ourselves, we are familiar with the many sensations of competing in team sports, including the camaraderie that a uniform grants you access to for some of life’s most rewarding victories.

How seeing your teammates dressed head-to-toe, identical to you … solidifies a sense of belonging to something so much greater than yourself. How being one number on a squad of many, can immediately mature an attitude of selflessness. How a navy blue star on your chest can make you genuinely believe you are a Cowboy. The way a jersey with your name on the back makes you feel faster and stronger every time it’s pulled over your body. And the choice we make to wear our jerseys, on days that are not gameday .. proves how powerful they make us feel even in the absence of the game. We believe that a jersey conveys more than just a number on your back, and we would be honored to have our jerseys be the uniform that bring your competitive victories to life.

Put us to the test, and you’ll experience a dedication to the complete satisfaction you and your players deserve. Welcome to a new level of quality, service and value. Welcome to PRYDE.

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